An intrinsically Open Source Project

by BUILDNN & TORTUGA25 Mar 2020

Help us translate the portal

We want to cross Italian borders with useful information and help other countries to fight Covid-19. If you wish to create a version of this site in your language or add data from your country, please contact us at

Your contribution about analysis, contents and algorithms

We welcome journalists, researchers and data scientist who want to collaborate with us in order to develop the platform with new analysis, code, Italian or international data. You can contact us at If you want to give your support on technical aspects of the website, you can contact us or visit our repository on Github: -19-ita 

Join our Data Collection Project

We have decided to contribute to the enormous effort of data gathering and processing with a second Open Source project. The aim of covid-health-ita is to create a module of codification and linkage of public dataset in order to facilitate their use, comparison and central management.

Our Data Sources
  • Civil Protection Department (Italia)
  • Istat
  • Eurostat
  • Italian Ministry of Health
  • OECD
  • Google Trends

Terms of Use

The use of graphs and analysis is free and possible for non-commercial purposes (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License), ensuring to quote the source and grant attribution.

Contact Us

Info about support in the integration of our contents in your analysis, contents or articles that use the content of this website is available at:

About us


Buildnn is a start-up, created in 2020, offering tools & solutions to support the data-driven decision making in the retail and wholesale world. BuildNN's services are based on innovative machine learning techniques and aim at promoting the data-driven culture in the companies and at translating complexity with accessible tools for the management


Tortuga is a think tank composed by students, researchers and professionals in the field of economics and social sciences, founded in 2015. Today it counts 53 members, spread between Europe and the rest of the world. We write articles about economical and political themes for relevant Italian newspaper and websites, and we offer to institutions, associations and corporations our professional support in research or policy-making activities. In 2020 our book “Ci pensiamo noi” was commercialized